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Protection from dirt, pleasant aromas or convenient organizers – what accessories for the car will definitely delight women and are suitable as a gift for March 8th.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, several options for gifts for women motorists were collected. This includes both the simplest and most budgetary ideas in the form of air fresheners for the salon and organizers, as well as quite useful gifts that can be useful in a difficult situation on the road.

1. Registrar

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Many drivers believe in the omen that the car recorder is supposedly attracting trouble, but in reality the recorder is a very important and useful thing that can restore justice in a disputable situation and also record unacceptable behavior. If the woman for whom you are choosing a gift does not yet have a receptionist in the car, then it’s time to get this inexpensive and faithful travel assistant.

2. Organizers

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Unlike men, women in the majority carry much more things they need in the car. And many of the fair sex love order, and a competent organizer can help to organize the space in the salon correctly. Marketplaces offer many options for bags and fasteners that can organize things in the interior. Some organizers are attached to the sun visor – you can attach important papers, a pen, and even cosmetics there. There are large bags on sale that sit between the seats to store extra shoes or clothes. There are seat-to-seat bags for cars that have limited storage space – they usually hold a cup holder, keys, and a phone. The budget for such gifts ranges from several hundred to several thousand rubles.

3. Protective covers

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This section of gifts is not so much about the seat covers themselves, although they can make a good gift, but rather about the protective flooring that is attached to the back of the front backrests. This gift is suitable for women who have children. Because motorists, with rare exceptions, did not encounter dirty backs because of children’s shoes. Especially often the interior gets dirty on slushy and snowy days. Transparent glossy covers are easy to clean and do not spoil the appearance of the interior. The cost of such a gift is as low as possible – only a few hundred rubles.

4. Technical assistance on the road

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Anything can happen on the road, including an unpleasant emergency when there is no help nearby. Not all women are able to independently change a wheel on the track or deal with smoke from under the hood, especially if there are still children in the car. Calling technical services from the scene can be time consuming and costly. But if you take care of this in advance, then both the motorist and her relatives will know that in a difficult situation she is provided with technical assistance on the road around the clock. Such services are offered by many firms – you can purchase a one-time assistance, or you can annual service, it all depends on the budget.

5. Auto-SPA or airbrushing

You can make a woman driver pleasant by taking care of her car. Detailing centers have long been offering many useful procedures for the interior and body of a car. Somewhere you can wipe a small scratch, and somewhere you can polish the hood with wax to a shine or dry clean the old interior. To glue the body with a protective film, tint car windows, apply a protective coating to the windshield or replace old carpets – you can choose a car procedure for any budget, like in a real SPA salon. For women with the most unusual tastes, you can decorate the car body with airbrushing, since now this area offers many options for drawings and application procedures.

6. Scented sets

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Women love perfumery, and this concerns not only fragrances for themselves, but also scents for the home and, of course, the interior of a personal car. Fragrances for car interiors have also long since moved into the category of perfumery and repeat the fragrances of famous brands from niche perfumery. It is packed in beautiful plastic or glass diffuser jars that are attached to the air duct. If you buy a set with flavored sachets, then the pleasant aromas can be extended to the glove compartment with the trunk. A bouquet of spring flowers will always look good in a set for such a gift. However, absolutely any gift from the listed ones can be supplemented with flowers.

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