Rental Volkswagen Golf in Baku

At the end of October two thousand nineteen, a presentation of the new Volkswagen Golf of the 8th generation took place, the premiere of which was previously postponed several times for various reasons.

In terms of design, the new body of the Volkswagen Golf 2021 has retained the common features of its predecessor, although it has acquired many original solutions. The first thing that catches the eye is a narrow head optics with small “tails” overlapping the front fenders and a fashionable DRL pattern.

The hatchback grille is even smaller than before, and the brand’s updated logo flaunts in the center. The front bumper on the Volkswagen Golf VIII has got a wide slot with three horizontal strips, the lower one being chrome-plated, and the tips of the other two painted to match the body color.

On the GTE variant, the bumper has a honeycomb-style air intake, and a beautifully illuminated strip is located on the upper grille. The lanterns of the new model also became more compact and got a different pattern. The trunk lid, rear bumper and glass of the fifth door were revised.

But in profile, the hatchback most closely resembles a car of the previous generation, retaining both the shape of the side glazing and the wide rear pillar, except that the stamping now “cuts through” the door handles and the rims flaunt a new design. Note that already in the database all the lighting equipment on the car is LED, and it was decided to completely abandon the three-door version.

In general, no one expected a radical change in the image of the Golf, but the changes in the car’s interior were much more serious. The driver is greeted by the new multifunction steering wheel and digital cockpit (Innovision Cockpit), formed by an electronic instrument panel on a 10.25-inch screen and located to the right of it a touch-screen multimedia system at 8.0 or 10.0 ″.

The company paid special attention to improving the finishing materials of the new Volkswagen Golf 8 2021 and increasing the level of comfort of the car, added contour lighting (depending on the configuration, it can be 10, 30 or 32 colors) and minimized the number of physical buttons, unloading the center console as much as possible.

For example, the control of light and heating (steering wheel and glass) is placed on a special block to the left of the steering wheel, and on cars with a robotic gearbox, instead of a gearshift lever, a compact transmission mode switch was placed on the central tunnel (like on new Porsche). This made it possible to place an additional lot on the dashboard for small things.

We also note that the new multimedia system for Volkswagen Golf 2020-2021 has acquired support for managing voice commands and network access using eSIM technology. Thus, the owner was able not only to access streaming audio and video, but also to remotely update software and install new applications.

The Personalization 2.0 system has learned to remember the driver’s preferences and configure most of the systems for him, navigation has become interactive, plus the car can be accessed from a smartphone through a special application. In this case, using the phone it will be possible not only to open the doors, but also to start the engine and much more.

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