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A new platform and frame, a modern turbo engine and automatic, a hardcore off-road version, as well as a new interior and a bunch of electronic assistants – five facts about the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

Toyota has introduced a new generation of the flagship Land Cruiser SUV, which, after a generation change, received an index of 300.

Fact 1. Land Cruiser 300 is built on a new platform, but retained the frame

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is built on the new TNGA architecture, which is gradually being adopted by all models of the brand. And at the heart of the SUV is the largest GA-F platform, on which all the flagship models of Toyota and Lexus will be based. At the same time, the Land Cruiser retained its basic frame structure. Moreover, it has been seriously modernized. Thanks to the use of new laser welding technology, the steel structure was made stiffer and stronger, despite the fact that it lost some of the reinforcing elements and became lighter.

In addition, the structural frame of the body was made from the same high-strength steel using a similar welding technology. But the outer body panels themselves are now mostly aluminum. Winged metal is used to make the fenders, the hood, the fifth door of the cargo compartment and even the roof. The frame, coupled with the new body, threw off almost 200 kg of weight compared to similar elements of the “two hundred”. At the same time, the total curb weight of the Land Cruiser 300 has decreased slightly compared to its predecessor, since the car has received a more modern technological filling and a lot of new equipment.

As for the architecture of the pendants, it has retained a scheme similar to the “two-hundred” one. At the same time, unlike its predecessor, the “three hundred” will no longer receive a hydropneumatic suspension with body height adjustment in any of the versions. But on the machine, adaptive shock absorbers with a variable damping stiffness characteristic will be optionally available. In addition, in the arsenal of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, an upgraded E-KDSS system with openable anti-roll bars appeared, which received two separate hydraulic circuits for controlling the front and rear stabilizer.

Fact 2. He has new engines and “automatic”

This is, perhaps, the main innovation in the Land Cruiser 300. Eight-cylinder engines are a thing of the past, and they were replaced by more modern supercharged “six”. There are still two engines: gasoline and diesel.

The heavy fuel engine is completely new and makes its debut not only on the Land Cruiser, but also in the Toyota powertrain range in principle. It is a six-cylinder 3.3-liter turbodiesel that develops a maximum power of 299 hp. and a peak torque of 700 Nm.

But the petrol twin-turbo “six” is already familiar from the Lexus LS model. The 3.5-liter V6 with double supercharging develops a maximum 415 “horses”, and its peak torque reaches 600 Nm.

Both engines are combined exclusively with the latest 10-speed “automatic”. And these tandems provide the “three hundred” with impressive dynamics. The Japanese manufacturer has not yet announced the exact figures, but assures that both modifications of the SUV in acceleration to “hundreds” easily leave from 7 seconds.

Fact 3. There is a hardcore off-road version of the Land Cruiser 300

At the moment, complete data on the trim levels have not been disclosed, but two modifications have already been announced. The 70th Years Anniversary edition, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the model, received a full set of optional equipment. Such a car is equipped only with a “transfer case” based on the Torsen differential in the center, which has a lock, a lower transmission range, and a limited-slip differential on the rear axle.

Another version, which is still codenamed VX Off-road, is positioned as a more hardcore off-road modification. And it also has a lockable “center” and a lowered row in its asset, however, on each of the axles (front and rear) one more free differential with forced blocking is placed.

At the same time, the clearance for both versions is the same, and its minimum value (the distance from the lowest point of the rear axle to the coating under the wheels) is 230 mm.

Fact 4. He has a cool salon and modern equipment

The Land Cruiser 300 received a completely new interior, which, with a strict conservative style, acquired more modern equipment. The top of the center console is crowned by a new media system with a widescreen touchscreen and support for CarPlay and Andriod Auto protocols. At the same time, depending on the version, the diagonal of the touch screen can be either 9 or 12.3 inches. However, in terms of content and functionality, there will be no differences between them. In addition, the car has acquired a combined digital front panel, which is a connection of analog instruments with traditional scales and a 7-inch color display, which displays information from the on-board computer.

Optional interior equipment also includes wireless charging for smartphones, four-zone climate control, heated and ventilated front and rear seats, as well as a keyless entry system with an engine start button with a fingerprint sensor. The latter, using a fingerprint scan, will identify the owner or any other person allowed to drive the car, and thus prevent theft.

When several users with different biometric data are entered into the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 system, it will be possible to remember the individual settings of each person, such as the memory of the driver’s seat position, as well as the settings of the media system with your favorite radio stations and familiar routes.

Fact 5. The Land Cruiser 300 has a bunch of electronics and driver assistants

Driving assistants on the Land Cruiser 300 can be conditionally divided into two types. The first group is suitable for helping the driver in urban driving, and the second is designed to help off-road.

In particular, the novelty received a new Toyota Safety Sense package, to the traditional functionality of which (a system for monitoring blind spots, reading road signs, collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control), a lane-keeping tracking system was added. For the sake of the latter, “Toyota” even had to modernize the steering mechanism.

It now has a hybrid power steering system. The main one, as well as on the “two hundred”, is hydraulic. However, the “three hundred” on the rail itself has an additional small electric booster, which is just the same responsible for steering the car when the lane hold function is activated. In addition, a fully diode adaptive light is available on the car, which can not only switch from high to low, but also turn off a segment in the light beam so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers.

There is also a circular view system, part of the functionality of which can assist off-road. For example, when the lower row is turned on, the front camera of the complex starts to work as an assistant for the “transparent hood” function and helps the system to form a picture of the coverage right under the front wheels of the car.

In addition, the off-road assistants include the Crowl Control off-road cruise, as well as the Multi-Terrain Select system, which has a new automatic mode and a mode for driving in deep snow.