Rental Skoda Octavia 2021 in Baku

On November 19, at a special event in Prague, a presentation of the new fourth-generation Skoda Octavia A8 model took place, and the Czechs simultaneously presented both a car in the back of a liftback and a Combi station wagon, which is in great demand on the European market.

Unlike the restyled version of the previous generation car on the Skoda Octavia in 2021, it was decided to abandon the controversial optics, which were replaced by single block headlights, and for the first time in the history of the brand, they can be matrix for a surcharge.

Judging by the photo, the Skoda Octavia 2021 in the new body retained the recognizable appearance of its predecessor, but the design of the car has become more strict and modern. In the design of the exterior, the number of sharp edges and chrome elements has been increased; on large disks, the car looks very solid. Simpler configurations will be much more modest.

The front end here is made in the style of the younger Scala model – with a similar-shaped radiator grill, framed by a chrome edging and headlights adjoining it on the sides. The front bumper received a full-width slot, in the side sections of which horizontal foglights were registered.

The stern of the new Skoda Octavia 2021 model also underwent a serious revision – stretched lamps of complex shape appeared at the back, which partially go onto the trunk lid, while instead of the emblem on the latter, an inscription with the brand name now flaunts. The exhaust pipes are hidden behind the bumper and there is not even a fake hint of their presence.

In profile, the model has retained the signature bend of the window sill line in the area of ​​the rear pillars, the sidewalls have become more embossed – curved stampings give the appearance more elegance. In general, the design turned out to be pleasant – controversial points, which one could find fault with especially not noticeably.

The car interior has changed radically – absolutely nothing reminds of its predecessor here – even the emblem on the steering wheel is decorated somewhat differently. At the same time, the steering wheel itself became a two-spoke – a very unexpected and bold decision, how do you like this “steering wheel”?

The instrument cluster on the machine is fully electronic – displayed on a large color display with a diagonal of 10.0 inches. To the right of it is a tablet-like screen of a multimedia system of the same size, although in simple versions it will be a little more compact, but not much – 8.25 ″.

At the same time, this “tablet” is successfully inscribed in the front panel, and does not stick out above it, as on some other cars. Plus, the media system has access to the Internet using eSIM technology) and voice control with an “assistant” named Laura.

The center console of the new Skoda Octavia 2021 has practically lost all physical buttons – climate control has completely migrated to the touchscreen. And only a small row of buttons remained between the aforementioned screen and the central air ducts.

On machines with a robotic DSG gearbox, the transmission modes were switched in the form of a compact unit (and without a mechanical connection with the gearbox). The company also worked on improving the finishing materials, installed new seats in the car, increased free space and expanded the list of equipment – now it became possible to order such “chips” as:

  • Three-zone climate control;
  • Harman / Kardon audio system;
  • Front seat massage and ventilation;
  • Head-up display;
  • Wireless charger for smartphone;
  • Sleep Package (with special headrests and blanket);
  • Matrix headlights and dynamic “turn signals”;
  • Extended set of security systems.

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