Renault Duster 2021

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, two thousand seventeen, the world premiere of Renault Duster 2021 took place in a new body, which, according to tradition for the European market, was first presented under the local brand Dacia.

Judging by the first official photos of the new Renault Duster 2 generation, the car’s appearance has not changed too seriously. The crossover has retained the muscular wheel arches, massive bumper trims, as well as the characteristic shape of the lighting technology and side windows.

At the same time, we see a different radiator grille, tweaked bumpers, a more embossed hood, a different pattern of head optics, in which LED DRL sections appeared, as well as the original design of the taillights, reminiscent of a sight.

Also, the Renault Duster 2021 car in a new body got a vertical plastic overlay behind the front fenders (I wonder if this solution turns out to be a place of accumulation of dirt?), Other roof rails, 17-inch wheels of a new design, as well as additional body paint options.

Unlike the original Dacia, the Renault of the same name differs in the shape and pattern of the radiator grille, slightly different headlights, a larger emblem that goes over the hood, as well as a chrome trim on the trunk lid instead of a plastic one.

As expected, the SUV has become slightly longer than its predecessor, but overall the dimensions remain comparable. Later, the appearance of a 7-seater modification with a stretched body is not excluded, but there is no information about the appearance of a pickup.

The company notes that the lower edge of the windshield was pushed forward by 100 mm, achieving the effect of increased space in front of the driver. You can also notice that the window sill line has become slightly higher.

In the cabin of the new Renault Duster 2021 model, the front panel has completely changed (on Dacia, the air ducts are round, and on Renault – rectangular), and there is also a new modern steering wheel with buttons and adjustments not only in height (by 40 mm), but also in reach ( 50 mm).

Another instrument panel acquired a color display of the on-board computer, the center console flaunts the screen of the MediaNav Evolution multimedia system, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The manufacturer notes that the crossover has got more comfortable front seats with a cushion extended by 20 mm, an adjustable lumbar support, a new height adjustment mechanism, and a folding armrest has appeared for the driver. Plus, sound insulation and finishing materials were improved, and the list of available equipment was significantly expanded.

For example, from now on the car can be equipped with side curtain airbags, all-round visibility systems and tracking “blind” zones, climate control, light sensor, as well as keyless entry and engine start button.

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