Rental Range Rover in Baku

At the end of October of the twenty-first year, the British officially introduced the fifth generation Land Rover Range Rover 5 SUV in the body with the L460 index.

The design of the new Range Rover 2022 was carried out in an evolutionary way – in terms of body shape, size and design, the car turned out to be absolutely recognizable and in many ways similar to its predecessor L405, although they do not have a single common detail.

The SUV is distinguished by panoramic glazing, smooth sidewalls, door handles recessed into the body, vertical inserts characteristic of the model in the front doors, large rims, a different grille pattern, an air intake across the entire width of the front bumper and narrow tinted lights at the stern.

The new 2022 Range Rover diode optics has 1.2 million micromirrors in each headlight. Such spotlights shine at 500 meters, while they can shade up to 16 objects at once, so as not to blind other road users. Plus, they know how to “draw” clues on the road, and the car has also got an all-round lighting function (operates at speeds up to 15 km / h) for maneuvering in the dark.

Smooth sidewalls of the body, as well as additional shields and pads under the bottom and active dampers for cooling the brakes, made it possible to reduce the drag coefficient to 0.3 (previously it was 0.34). The maximum wheel diameter from the factory has been increased from 22″ to 23″. And, unlike the Land Cruiser 300, the new Range has retained the lower folding trunk section.

The latter, like the upper sash, is equipped with a servo drive, while all side doors can now be supplemented with an electric drive for a surcharge. This system has protection against pinching, ultrasonic sensors calculate the maximum opening angle, while the mechanisms are able to work on a slope of up to ten degrees. The driver’s door can be automatically closed when the brake pedal is pressed.

Source: All Carz