Rental Land Cruiser in Baku

Toyota has decided to ban the resale of its new Land Cruiser 300 SUVs in Japan. This is reported by the local publication Creative311. According to them, the company took such a step in order to fight resellers and rising prices in the secondary market. Also, Toyota fears that the car may fall into some “third hands” who cannot legally purchase an SUV. This, in turn, can damage the company’s image. There is no official confirmation of this information yet.

The fact is that the Land Cruiser 300, which was presented in June this year, is in very high demand in Japan. So, according to Carscoops, Toyota has collected 22,000 pre-orders for this car so far. All this gives rise to various financial frauds in the secondary market, according to the company.

As a result, the Japanese decided to oblige the buyers of the car in the local market to sign a special agreement. The document prohibits the resale of the machine immediately after purchase. According to unofficial data, the term of such an agreement is designed for a year. It is not known what sanctions will be applied to violators of the rule. According to one of the versions, such a buyer will lose customer support and will no longer be able to officially buy a Toyota car.