Rental Infiniti in Baku

The world premiere of the new Infiniti QX60 crossover took place.

Outside, the new Infiniti QX60 has become “calmer” and largely repeats last year’s QX60 Monograph concept car – the rear pillar has become ordinary, without an S-shaped bend, the plastic of the sidewalls and the hood has been simplified. It turned out that conservative customers in this segment wanted a less frilly appearance.

The proportions of the body have changed slightly. The length was reduced from 5,095 to 5,034 mm, the track was widened by 30 mm, the roof was 28 mm higher. But the wheelbase (2,900 mm) remained the same – however, the interior of the Infiniti QX60 was very spacious before. The CX coefficient decreased from 0.33 to 0.32.

The interior decoration of the QX60 has changed a lot, which, without false modesty, can already be called luxurious. In the expensive Autograph configuration, the seats of the first and second row are upholstered in expensive semi-aniline leather with diamond-shaped stitching, wood is used in the decoration.

The second row itself can be either a solid sofa or two separate armchairs with a console between them. The shortened length slightly reduced the trunk with a seven-seater placement (from 450 to 411 liters), but with a five-seater it became larger: 1,178 versus 1,138 liters.

The classic dashboard in expensive trim levels is changed to an 11-inch screen, and the list of equipment is expanded with a massage in the front seats and a display instead of the usual rear mirror. A panoramic roof is included in the basic equipment, sound insulation has been improved. Powerful Bose acoustics have not disappeared anywhere either.

Source: Infiniti Russia