Rent a Car Hyundai Sonata in Baku

The new Hyundai Sonata DN8 model received a lot of design solutions from the Le Fil Rouge concept.

At the front, the sedan is notable for the wide “mouth” of the radiator grille and the predatory head optics with LED DRL strips, which smoothly flow into the chrome molding with a gradient laser notch that goes into the hood. This solution is called “Hidden Lighting Lamps”, which can be translated as “hidden lamps”.

From the side, the four-door now looks more like a liftback than a regular sedan. The car has a long bonnet, a sloping roofline with a shallow rear window, and a short trunk “tail”. Embossed sidewalls with eye-catching embossings add to the sportiness of the silhouette.

The main feature of the stern of the new Sonata is the LED brackets of the lanterns, which, among other things, are also united with each other by a luminous strip along the bottom. In the dark, such a solution resembles a flattened horseshoe and invariably attracts the attention of other road users.

The interior of the Hyundai Sonata 2021 is perceived to be noticeably more expensive compared to its predecessor. This is largely due to more expensive finishing materials, as well as the stylish design of the front panel, which is characterized by the presence of narrowed ventilation deflectors and dotted chrome decor.

By default, the car has an analog dashboard, which in older trim levels gives way to a 12.3-inch digital dashboard. Interestingly, the style of displaying information on the latter directly depends on the selected driving mode. In “Comfort”, the hand-drawn tidy has a calm design in blue tones, and when a sports preset is activated, it starts to glow red.

The interior of the 2021 Hyundai Sonata in a new body boasts a stylish four-spoke multifunction steering wheel, which the Koreans have tried to stylize as an aircraft steering wheel. As for the multimedia system, the sedan is based on an 8.0-inch head unit screen, and the top versions are equipped with a 10.25-inch touchscreen.

The front seats have a good profile, but they are a little harsh, and their lateral support rollers are poorly expressed. At the same time, it is quite comfortable to sit in them, and the front passenger can even take advantage of a special mode in which the edge of the pillow rises and the back reclines, which contributes to the most relaxed ride.

At the back, the Koreans installed a traditional three-seater sofa, the central section of which can be folded back if necessary, thereby obtaining a comfortable central armrest. The stock of free space in the legs of the second row passengers is sufficient, but the space above your head is barely enough – the notorious sloping roof is to blame.

There are no questions about the quality of finishing materials in the new Sonata 8, although there is enough hard plastic in the cabin. However, the latter is not as frustrating as the large number of glossy black components (in top trim levels). This decor looks elegant, but its practicality tends to zero, since all these surfaces quickly get dirty and need regular maintenance.

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