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The four-door pickup Ford F-150 Lightning is equipped with two electric motors and an all-wheel drive system.

Ford has unveiled the production F-150 pickup with an electric powertrain. The car received a prefix in the name Lightning (“Lightning”). It was under this name that the most powerful versions of the F-150 pickup were previously sold.

According to Carscoops, prices for the new product start at $ 39,974. Car sales will begin only next year. The main competitors of the pickup are Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer.

The car received a reinforced frame and independent rear suspension. The space under the hood of the car is given to the luggage compartment with a volume of 400 liters. Inside the car, there is a digital instrument panel and a large vertical multimedia system tablet in the style of Tesla electric cars. If desired, the car can be equipped with many driver assistants. Among them, for example, the BlueCruise autopilot. True, this system only works when driving on the highway.

The four-door pickup truck is equipped with two electric motors and an all-wheel drive system. The power of the Standard Range F-150 Lightning modification is 430 horsepower. The power reserve is 370 kilometers.

The Extended Range modification can travel 480 kilometers on a single charge. The power of the pickup is 571 horsepower. Acceleration to a hundred takes about four seconds to such a model. The F-150 Lightning Extended Range can tow a trailer weighing up to 4535 kilograms.

The home charging station can recharge the batteries of the novelty from 15 to 100% in 10 hours. The fast charging system does this in 41 minutes. Also on the pickup debuted a special system that allows the F-150 Lightning to work as a power source. Thus, from the car you can recharge anything: from electrical gadgets to powering the whole house.