Italy 2020

Italy defeated England on penalties at Wembley to become European Champion for the second time in history. In regulation time, the teams exchanged goals: Luke Shaw brought the British forward, the Italians responded with a blow from Leonardo Bonucci. In the penalty shootout, Gianluigi Donnarumma pulled two penalties, and also Raheem Sterling hit the post.

The decisive match of Euro 2020 kicked off with the fastest goal in the tournament: Luke Shaw, after a counterattack, took the ball on the left edge of the goalkeeper’s line and hit Donnarumma already in the 2nd minute. A quick goal spoiled the plan of the “Azzurra squadra”, which was hardly getting sharpness in positional attacks. The advantage in possession stuck to the Italians only in the second half of the first half, but they almost did not create dangerous moments. Shaw’s goal was the only one in the first 45 minutes.

In the second half, Italy got an excellent opportunity to equalize the chance right at the very beginning: Lorenzo Insigne earned a free kick from the opponent’s square and took the shot himself – inaccurately. Squadra Azzurra continued to pressurize and in the 67th minute they evened the score after a corner. Leonardo Bonucci stuck the ball from the British goalkeeper after a bunch of ricochets and falls of the players of both teams. After scored, the Italians briefly picked up the pace, but soon calmed down. There were no more goals and the teams went into overtime.

Extra time started with alternating protracted possessions, and by the middle of the first extra-half, the teams shot several dangerous moments. Nothing was implemented. The second extra half began with a sharp free-kick of the Italians, which was performed by Federico Bernardeschi – he hit right into the goalkeeper. There were no more memorable attacks: the national teams simply lived up to the penalty shootout, where the squadra was better.

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Jordan Pickford saved two penalties each, but England also had Marcus Rashford hitting the post.

The Italian national team became the European champion for the second time in history. The first triumph of the “squadra” dates back to 1968. England have never played in a final before.

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