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The Romanian brand has released the largest car in its lineup, which combines the characteristics of a crossover and a minivan.

The Romanian brand Dacia has unveiled the Jogger model, which has become the largest car in the automaker’s lineup. The novelty with a seven-seater saloon can be attributed to the class of cross-vans – cars that combine the characteristics of crossovers and minivans.

Dacia notes that the Jogger has become the “fourth pillar” of the company along with the new Sandero / Logan, the Duster crossover and the Spring EV. The name of the model, which can be translated from English as “jogger”, symbolizes “sport, nature and positive energy.”

The length of the car, which outwardly resembles the all-terrain Sandero Stepway hatchback, was 4.55 meters. The luggage compartment in the five-seater configuration is 708 liters, and with the second row of seats folded down, the free space rises to 1,819 liters. In addition, the salon itself provides various shelves, niches and pockets with a total volume of an additional 24 liters.

The front of the cab as a whole almost completely repeats the interior of the new Sandero and Logan with central air ducts of a characteristic shape, a separate multimedia touchscreen display, round climate control settings and a central niche for a mobile phone and other little things.

At launch, the Dacia Jogger will be available with a 110 hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol turbo engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, the cross-van will be offered with an engine capable of consuming both gasoline and natural gas. Such a car, equipped with a 40-liter gas tank and a 50-liter gasoline tank, can travel up to 1000 kilometers without refueling.

Subsequently, the Jogger will have versions with more powerful motors and automated transmissions. Plus, in 2023, Dacia will launch a hybrid version of the model that will “become the most affordable seven-seater combined vehicle.”

Dacia will begin taking orders for the new Jogger in Europe in November 2021, with the first vehicles hitting dealerships in February 2022. Prices for the new product have not yet been announced.