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The hypercar Aston Martin Valhalla is equipped with a hybrid power plant and can accelerate to 330 km per hour.

Aston Martin has unveiled the production version of the Valhalla hypercar. The novelty was completed with a hybrid installation, which included an eight-cylinder gasoline engine and two electric motors. The total power of the car is 950 horsepower.

In EV mode, the battery is directed exclusively to the front axle. In this case, the hypercar can only accelerate to 130 km / h, and the range is 15 kilometers. When all three motors are activated, Valhalla’s top speed increases to 330 km per hour.

Also, the car received an eight-speed “robot” with a double clutch without reverse gear. Thanks to this solution, the engineers were able to reduce the weight of the car, and reversing is carried out using electric motors.

Valhalla gets a carbon fiber body, carbon ceramic brakes and an adaptive suspension. The mass of the hypercar is less than 1550 kilograms. Also, the car is equipped with a special aerodynamic body kit, which provides 600 kg of downforce at a speed of 240 km per hour.

An autonomous emergency braking system, a front collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, a blind spot monitoring function and a rear view camera are available to the driver. The interior of the hypercar is made in the style of Formula 1 cars, but it is distinguished by increased comfort. So, the car is equipped with dual-zone climate control and a multimedia system with a touch screen.